Monday, August 3, 2015

Where is Choices 3?

Everyday, someone asks me, "when is the next book coming out?" I am more anxious than you all are, trust me.  I've been having trouble with an injury that affects my left hand, and progress has been very slow, but I'm still working to get the story out.  You will find out how Young Hustla finally gets revenge on China and his old bodyguard and new enemy, Big Al.  You will experience the blossoming friendship and possible romance with Carmen and Lamar.   More revenge is still brewing when Chris is released from prison and he goes on a warpath looking for Star and plans to kill Lamar's sister LaMonica.  You will see how Maya is adjusting to her new life as Chanel, and how her old parents are getting along now that the truth is out. I am going to explore those things and more!  I'm bringing in a story of human trafficking, and a church going sister of Carmen's that is openly gay.  To wrap things up, I'm bringing Honey back and we'll see how the mob deals with her once they find out she's back.  She killed their Liza and hasn't paid the price. Choices 3: Revenge will be worth the wait.  In the meantime I'll review and recap a other books you'll love or love to hate!!
Yours Truly,
Trina Crenshaw

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