Monday, August 17, 2015

Sweet & Salty Book Reviews: Powder Blu is SWEET!

Blu is a young teen who grew up with drugs in her environment, and ultimately she chose to have them in her life. Dealing and using was normal in her world, but dealing brought much needed money, so that's what she chose. Her first drug deal struck her like lightning and Blu emerged as a Boss B. Love, betrayal, murder, and family dynamics are all explored in this page turner. I enjoyed the read and encourage you to pick up the book.
Is it Salty or Sweet?
Powder Blu is SWEET!
The next review will be on Say You Promise 3: NO HOME TRAINING. Read #1 Cold Hearted & Crazy and #2 Ruthless & Rotten so you can be ready for the Sweet and Salty Book Review!

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T Crenshaw

*Choices 3: Revenge is coming soon*

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